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I am a New York based installation and video artist from Detroit. This is my blog.

Everything on this blog was shot by me unless otherwise noted. Video and audio not mine unless noted.

Also things I like

If you are interested or have inquiries about my work or if you forgot what day it is contact me at JoeJagos@gmail.com.

News and Updates and other general information can be found at my website Joseph Jagos

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Anton Lieberman 

Plates of msg and walls of money in China Town. Late night eats and treats.
World Trade Center by Joseph Jagos
Heidi Lee by Joseph Jagos  35mm film
I shot this portrait of Cle Torres for The Wild Magazine to celebrate one of San Fransisco and Oaklands leading photographers of Gay culture for Pride Week 2014. Cle, a long time friend of mine, truly represents the raw gritty side of gay culture in the Bay area.
WILD Profile: Cle Torres // Johnny Rose « The WILD Magazine