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I am a New York based installation and video artist from Detroit. This is my blog.

Everything on this blog was shot by me unless otherwise noted. Video and audio not mine unless noted.

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If you are interested or have inquiries about my work or if you forgot what day it is contact me at JoeJagos@gmail.com.

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Last thing you see before you die


Ginuwine, a Valentines Day story.

When I was 17, I was at my friend Keith’s place (parents of course out of town) and they decided to have a “party” (6 people). At this point in time I didn’t drink, but there was plenty of Apple Pucker going around. Snowy and bored out of my mind I convinced my friend Justin to walk a mile to a 7-11 to buy a box of mac and cheese. In attendance was our friend Roxanne. Roxanne had a thing for our friend Keith. Keep in mind Roxanne was 22 with a kid and has her own trailer else where in Flint. She was “cool.” Upon our return we couldn’t find Keith and Roxanne. We faintly heard Ginuwine’s “My Pony” coming from a distant room. We peaked through the key hole only to see Keith’s arms and legs tied up to a bed with t-shirts, snoring, while Roxanne danced around to Ginuwine by herself red light and all. It was clear that it was on repeat and had been for at least 30 minutes. Oblivious at first but shortly thereafter, she realized he was snoring. Roxanne stormed out of the room screaming “What the fuck, who doesn’t like fucking GINUWINE”

All the names were changed. No one is named Roxanne or Keith from my generation.

Happy Valentines day.

Shit Film Camera w Margauxbrooke by Joseph Jagos